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Matsubayashi Ryu Karate and Kobudo

Shorin Ryu is one of the oldest styles of  Karate and the original source of more popular Karate styles like Shotokan, Wado Ryu and other sports Karate.   

Matsubayashi Ryu is a branch of Shorin Ryu, but the name is interchangeable, it is a style created by Nagamine Shoshin O'Sensei in 1947.  It is a combination of Shuri-Te and Tomari- Te.  A rich in culture, practice with natural stances and movements.  

Part of Matsubayashi Ryu syllabus is  Kobujutsu (ancient weapon art), they go hand in hand and are said to be brother and sister with Karate in Okinawan Martial Arts.  This includes bo (stick), kama (a hand sickle), tonfa (tuifa), nunchaku and sai (three-pronged weapons, used by Okinawan police in the old times.) 

Matsubayashi Ryu style is preserving the real purpose of Karate, that is self-preservation by training body mind and spirit.  

Shorin Martial Arts Bristol is the only licensed dojo by Okinawa to teach Shorin Ryu/ Okinawan Karate in Bristol and the surrounding region, thus making us your trustful gate to Okinawan Martial Arts if you live in the area.  

Shuri Castle Karate.jpg
Karate practice in Shuri Castle


Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate.  It was created in the former Ryukyu Kingdom and spread by famous Okinawan masters to Japan and then to the rest of the world.  

Matsubayashi Ryu Bristol aim to promote and preserve the original (Budo) style of Karate.   Although we are not against "Sports" Karate, we offer something unique and different in Bristol, the authentic Okinawan Karate. 


 We are a proud member of WMKA and EMKA.  

Nagamine Shoshin O'Sensei
15 July 1907 – 2 November 1997

Creator of Matsubayashi Ryu.  He named his style in honour of two great Masters, Matsumura Sokon Sensei and Matsumora Kosaku Sensei.  

O'Sensei wrote two books,  The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do and Tales of Okinawa's Great Masters, both are recommended reference.  

Our Classes

Our classes are suitable for *6 years old and above and have no upper age limit.  

The style uses all-natural biomechanics of the human body.  That means no unnatural movement that causes injuries.  Learning to move naturally also improves mobility, flexibility, and strength, thus giving you a good posture and promoting good health.  

We take pride in our classes and everyone learns Karate and not just doing fitness exercises.  We teach kids properly with few adjustments, but we are not a playgroup or a creche. 

*Please ask for details.

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