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Shorin Martial Arts Bristol 2022 New Years resolution.

A new year always gives a unique injection of energy towards positive changes. To most of us, it gives hope. This is why a new year resolution is very popular. Whether the resolution is about changing a bad habit or achieving a certain goal, the new year is like a spring coming from winter.

Shorin Martial Arts Bristol is currently 4 yrs old and will be 5 this year. The Dojo has been established initially to go against the clubs that are, in our opinion, not teaching Martial Arts as they should be. This is why we came up with our motto: HAI - Honesty, authenticity, Integrity.

We are Honest. We will not sacrifice Martial Arts or people over money and the club will be like a family.

We are Authentic. Our Karate will be taught how we understood how it should be and will be doing it to the best of our ability. We do not just do kicking and punching or a lot of fitness exercises.
We learn History, culture, and more; we teach Karate and Karate-do.

We are Integrous. The students will get proper testing and will get certified. This certification will be recognized worldwide. We will not do this as a money-making exercise. We will keep our standards and promote this standard to Bristol. Students will get what they have been promised. Our integrity is very important to us.

Although this motto remains the same as today, it will continue to improve as we are still relatively a young club. Our approach this new year will change. Instead of being against those we do not agree with, we will promote harder on what we believe. And with this, I will quote Mother Theresa when she was interviewed about joining an anti-war rally, she said :

"If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a Pro-Peace rally invite me."
-Mother Teresa

Happy new year again all and good luck to all of us this new year. Let us work on the things that we can control and worry less about those that we cannot.

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