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Shorin Kickboxing  

Do you want to be fit and learn Martial Arts at the same time?

Do you want to learn Martial Arts as a hobby or sports, maybe to compete in tournaments?

Our Kickboxing classes are open to students from 8 years old and above.  The classes are filled with exercises, drills and teaching that will guarantee that each class is fun and productive.

Our instructors are experienced in various Martial Arts backgrounds.  Consisting of Sports and Traditional Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Filipino Martial Arts.  It is guaranteed that the students will take home martial arts knowledge from each and every class they attended.

Give us a try, contact us for a completely FREE, no commitments, trial. 

Students Review:  


Member of Bushido Martial Arts Association

an affiliate of World Karate and Kickboxing Council

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